Have you noticed the “Coming Back Soon” Images I have on a lot of my titles?

I spoke briefly in my last blog post about Samhain closing. While I’m excited about this, I’m also a little sad. There’s a part of me that is thrilled to have so many of my books back under my direct control. And I have to say, in the last couple of years, learning about and moving toward self-publishing has made me more and more excited to get these books back so I can have that control. I can decide what goes into print and what doesn’t. What gets made into a box set, what doesn’t. 

All those wonderfully fun control things that I’m super excited about. 

Surprisingly, though, there is still a part of me that is sad.

It’s the end of a era. A plan, a page in my life that I loved is done, and I have to move forward. It’s not always easy, and it can require a lot of work, but I’ve never been afraid of hard work. I am going to miss the relationships, though. While I’m still friends with many of my fellow authors, and I still have online groups to connect with them, I still find myself slightly saddened that I cannot call myself a Samhain author anymore. 

There are plenty of good things about this–and I choose to focus most of my thoughts on that–but there’s always going to be a lingering sadness that it had to go this way. A bite in the back of my throat whenever I look at the small amount of Samhain stock I have left, and remember my excitement and happiness over those books. 

But time marches on. And I must move forward too. 

So I started taking the time to go through all my Samhain titles today and posting a new cover art — a Cover Coming Back Soon image to mark the books that I will be re-releasing as soon as time allows. 

There are particulars that have to be dealt with before they can come back–the biggest involving getting the rights back to the stories so I can publish them myself. 

But I do want to make it perfectly clear. 

All my books will be back soon. As soon as I possibly can republish them. 

All of them have shiny new cover art that I’ll be revealing soon enough. All of them will be back, in ebook and print. There will be series box sets and all sorts of fun, amazing things I have planned for the next year. 

I am working hard at reformatting everything, and making them all beautiful, and ready to reveal to all of you. 

Some will have new content — cough, cough, Saving Her Destiny, cough cough — some will have a few extra bonus scenes that were cut originally for length. Some that weren’t ever in print will be now. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

And if you want to stay on top of all the stuff, I suggest signing up for my newsletter (Also in the process of getting a fancy new update) to hear about the latest changes first. 

So if I’m kind of in and out, it’s because I’m working diligently to get these things ready for all you all as fast as I can. And drinking coffee. A lot of coffee. I might sniffle a time or two.

But don’t tell.


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