So, today I find myself working on the cover art form for my latest contracted book, Just His Taste, the third in the Guys and Godmothers series.

Simple thing really.

Just go through, list all your likes and dislikes and, using stock art, post links to what you like or think you’d want for a cover. (Later, the artists go through what you send, and either use what you suggest or they find something similar but more in line with your book to make a cover that’s just amazing for you.)

This is pretty straight forward for me. I knew, since Under His Nose was a man’s chest in a dress shirt, and Before His Eyes was basically a butt, Just His Taste, I thought maybe a male back would be good.

The same, but similar, right?

So I started trolling around the stock photography websites and looking to see what I can find.

Did I mention, my now 11 year old daughter is home from school sick?

Anyway, I’m working, she’s watching a movie. But like all children when they don’t feel good, pretty soon, here she comes.

“Mom, whatcha doin?” Sniff sniff.

“Looking for cover art for the new book.”

“Oh.” And she stands there, and stares at the little thumbnails. She’s at that point where she’s not quite interested in boys–she won’t admit she finds any of them cute, but she’s starting to notice them a little more.

“Oh, wait, Mom, go back!”

“What?” I asked. “Did you see something?”

“What is that???” She points at a thumbnail.

And I’m trying not to laugh. “Well, dear, that’s a man with his pants hanging down below his crack.”

“Uh, Mom, what are those little wavy lines?”

“Hair. He has a hairy butt.”

Thunk. My daughter LITERALLY falls on the ground and starts rolling around laughing. When she catches her breath, she stares at me. “He’s got a hairy butt!” and down she goes again.

Yep, she’s feeling better.

Nope, I’m not getting a whole lot of work done today. But hey, Guys and Godmothers 3, Just His Taste is slated for a fall 2014 release from Samhain. So that’s a win!

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