Writing romance novels is my favorite thing I do. I love it more than any job I’ve ever had, and it allows my brain to create (and master) whole new worlds.

Not that said worlds do what I want, but that’s another story entirely.

But what’s funny about it is that sometimes people think I must be a master of romance, since I write romance novels.

Ironically, no. Not nearly as much as you’d think.

Do I know how to woo your wife or husband? Nope. I might throw out a few simple things, like get them a present, flowers, or a card for no reason. Or do something special for them.

But will this win the heart of your sweetie? Maybe.

That’s the best I got on that, really.

One of the reasons I can write romance and romantic moments in my books is because I KNOW THESE PEOPLE. I know their hang-ups, I know their strengths. I know how they feel about everything, even how they take their coffee.

Mr. Random Person off the street? I don’t know his story. Or his wife’s. So the best I could do was guess about what would work.

Like in Before His Eyes, (Guys and Godmothers #2) coming out on Tuesday, Feb 18th, when the heroine Greta does this thing… Oops, I don’t want to give it away.

But regardless, I knew how hard it was for Greta to do what she did, because of her issues. And Bruce (the hero) recognized this, because he knew her. So he respected it even more.

So I guess the point I’m trying to make is trust what you know about that person, and base your romantic gestures off that, rather than going for blanket, random attempts at romance.

Random attempts at romance aren’t bad, but, you know, don’t give flowers to a gal who’s allergic to them.

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