So, I was on the world of Facebook today, and saw this article–why most creative people flourish in clutter.

And I read it, because, well, I am a creative person. And yeah. I have an office. And it’s cluttered.

When I bought my house, I intended on having a perfectly clean, organized spartan office, because, hey, I’d have a whole room, and I could make something look amazing.

Clean, organized, and bright and happy! 

I mean, I was a creative person, I could really do something fun in my office space. I wanted to really fix it up cool. I wanted shelves on the wall, like in the picture, a neat desk, some cool boxes and baskets to hold my stuff. Maybe a desk lamp for a little extra lighting.

I’d never really been able to paint, either, so I wanted to do some really cool color–so I went with a nice turquoise, with white and black accents. That is my plan. And I know my office is still a work in progress, and probably will be for the rest of my life, but hey, that’s what makes it fun, right?

This, however, is my office. I took this right before I sat down. So this is where I’m sitting while I write this blog post.

(And yes, it looks like this most days.)

Notice the wall color, first off. Yes, it’s a nice turquoise, very soothing, but not too bold, but not white. 🙂 I have my two shelves (in the photo) there’s a third above them, Those shelves were supposed to have a few books on them, the rest be baskets for all my stuff. 

Yeah. I had more books than I thought. 
Notice the very buried printer on the right, and why yes, that’s Captain America cradling a wounded Spiderman on my computer desktop. See the mound of bills on the left, stuffed in the letter holder that I bought to make things organized. That worked out. 
Yes, I have a day planner at the right of the computer, next to my very large coffee cup, and a bottle of Elmer’s glue. 
Why I have glue on my desk, I have no idea. 
On the other side, there’s nail polish and polish remover, because when I’m editing, or not quite sure about a scene, I will paint my nails while I think about it. 
The wall under the shelf? Two motivational boards, and a small quark board, made with wine bottle quarks. If I ever get that bag of wine quarks from… (she knows who she is)… then I’ll make a bigger one. 
Sure, I clean it up. I clean it up all the time. And it winds up looking like this again in a matter of a day. Now, the floor is perfectly clean, and I vacuum in here at least twice a week. (Since I”m the only one who comes in here, the foot traffic is minimal). 
My mother, who’s the neatest, most organized person alive, (Seriously. She has a label in her filing cabinet that says “labels.” I’m not kidding.), has palpitations coming into my office. I claim the reason it looks like this is because I can’t afford all the organizational stuff it would take to bring this to the super-organized level that she would better appreciate. 
Truth be told? I like my clutter. 
I know where stuff is. 
Most of the time. 

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