Yes, I had to pull this out for Christmas… 🙂 

1. When my parents call me, from different phones, to ask me about presents they’re buying for either my family, or each other.

2. When my parents call me MULTIPLE TIMES in a single day, because they’re Christmas shopping, and need to make sure about something. (These are the days I have to wonder if cell phones really are a good idea.)

3. When you start wrapping presents, and realize the wrapping paper you’re using is really birthday paper, and you have to wonder if you need to take it off and start again, or just hope no one notices it.

4. Your tree is starting to look really sad because it doesn’t have any presents under it.

5. You go to the store, and have no idea what presents to get your kids, so you start taking pictures of them and texting your spouse, to find out of they’re the right ones.

6. Wandering up and down the toy isle, you realize exactly how much children’s television you really do watch, because you know what EVERY SINGLE TOY LINE IS. And it scares you. A LOT.

7. You can’t figure out how to wrap that one, huge, bulky item, so you just roll it in a roll of wrapping paper, and staple the ends together, so it looks like a humongous Tootsie Roll.

8. You ban the kids from turning on all the little musical Christmas do-dads you have in the house, because if you hear that horrible screeching that the manufacturer calls music, you might hurt someone.

9. The advent house becomes a battle ground between the children as they fight over who’s turn it is to open the door for that day. (Occasionally this reaches THREAT LEVEL KIT KAT. )

10. You want to be this guy next year when putting up your lights:

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