#Minirant ahead… 

I stumbled across Neil Gaimin’s post about Entitlement  and I thought it was very nicely done.

I normally don’t follow a lot of male writers out there, because many of them tend to look down on female writers, the romance genre especially. 

I really have some serious issues with that in general. (That’s another blog post. Hell, that’s a blog series…) 

But this one by Neil Gaimin I really enjoyed. Because, in a very basic way, he touched on something that I think is becoming more and more prevalent in our world today. 


If a fan doesn’t see what they want in a movie/by a artist or writer/from a celebrity’s performance, in one moment, they feel it is their right to scream/yell/criticize/ that particular fandom or artist as being “lazy” or what have you. 

That’s not how the world works, kids. 

There’s no law that says you cannot scream and yell and stomp your feet and get mad when someone you’re a fan of hasn’t done something in what you consider a timely fashion, but, uh, that doesn’t mean it’s going to make said artist deliver any faster. 

I just don’t get it. 

It’s like, there’s no such thing as manners anymore. 

No one knows how to be polite. It’s just assumed, especially on social media, that it’s okay, if you see a celebrity at, let’s say a convention, rather than home writing their book, to yell and scream and be rude about said celebrity, that they’re not working on the book that you want to read. 

Do you all not get how rude that is? 

I’m gonna give you all a little tip…

You do not live that person’s life.

You do not deal with their daily issues or travesties that have touched them. 

Which means, you all,

you do NOT know what they’re dealing with. 


Stop being so damn entitled! 



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