This is my contribution to this amazing scifi Series,  The Complex.

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Some warriors cannot be claimed 

The Complex Book Series.
A Lone Planet. One Complex.
Unlimited Chaos.

Luke Cadell, war veteran with a nefarious history during P-Extinction, admires the Complex as he walks into the facility. Too bad his reputation is going to get him killed here. If the terrorist plot he’s mixed up in doesn’t kill him first.

Morrigan is starting her life over. Not that she has a choice. Odin banished her from Valhalla, and the eternal existence she adored. Now the Valkyrie must learn to live as a mostly-Human. Simple enough. Until she gets a premonition that will destroy every achievement gained in the Complex.

Luke could help her. Or he could follow orders. 

Which side will he choose? 

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Dark WithinMythical Knights, Book 2

There was a time Marissa van Dyke loved Halloween. Then tragedy struck. Now the sight of a jack-o-lantern only reminds her of what she’s lost. In fact, she’d prefer to just hibernate.

But recently her nightmares are becoming too intense to ignore. Dreams filled with horror-movie creatures that come closer to killing her every time. Where these vampires and werewolves are coming from, she doesn’t know. She only knows they’re relentless.

Neil Drigan has no interest in finding a mate. Bind himself to one woman? No thank you. Permanent is for the wolf pack Alpha–his brother. Yet lately he persistently dreams about running, in full wolf form, to save a beautiful woman who smells of flowers–and death.

At first the woman’s identity is a mystery, until he realizes the dreams are a residual imprint of something that really happened. Not only is the woman temptation wrapped in real flesh and blood, she’s still in danger. And the one thing he never thought he wanted.

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Slipping Away,

Book 2 in the Charming Fairy Tales


An unwilling duke meets a runaway, avoiding her past. Can he show her what it is she’s looking for is right before her eyes? 

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Magic, mystery, and a risk that will change everything. 


“Not your typical fairy tale–this is an Adult Cinderella that you cannot put down!” 


Now officially titled Duke von Gruenewald, Penn finds himself master of a province on the brink of poverty, and he has no idea how he could possibly resurrect the once strong land. Turning to the one person who has never failed him, Penn asks his mother to come help him restore order.

When his mother arrives with a new, amber-eyed maid in tow, at first, Penn wonders if his mother is trying to liven up his new life at Gruenewald, tempting him with such a lovely lady.

But in truth, he doesn’t need such drama. Life remains dramatic enough with blackmail, secrets and treachery left behind by his cousin.

So why is Penn so distracted by the new maid?

Ana Dutetre is running away from her horrible step-mother, but winding up at Gruenewald Castle shoves her in the worst possible predicament–people actually appreciate her, and they want her to stay.

Even the flirtatious young duke is pleased with her. Of course, he is handsome—there is no denying that.

But there’s more between them. Glances that last a moment longer than proper. A secret smile, shared only between them. And he speaks to her like her opinion is of value.

Perhaps it is time for Ana to slip away, once again, so she’s not ensnared by something far worse than fear—love.

But this time, Penn is determined to catch her.

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