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This werewolf wants her. She’s not interested.

Mythical Knights, Book 1

Vampires Don't Babysit

Book 1 in the Vampire Mythicals

They survived. That should have been enough. It wasn’t.

Fall In Love Again

Book 1 in the Charming Fairy Tales!

He must save her from the tower.

But will his duty overrule his heart?

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Secret New Book Project

While I consider it bad luck to share the names of my upcoming projects–for some reason I never finish them when I do–I can certainly let you know that I’m working on future books! 

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Love Our Readers Giveaway

Win a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite! To Enter the Giveaway 💕💕Love Our Readers Giveaway 💕💕 Runs from 2/14/19 - 2/28/19 with three winners being picked on 3/01/19!All you have to do is follow the donating authors on Bookbub & Instagram! Easy peasy. 😁💖😁 Giveaway...

Bigger Picture

I am hearing this in my head over and over, as I try new things to move my business into the next level. Trust The Process I watch The Profit all the time, and I hear Mr. Lemonis say this at least twice in every episode. The show is about Marcus Lemonis, who goes to...

Writing Goals

So my goals may not be being met... But that doesn't mean I'm not trying. I really am. Working on a new book, in a new series, is not always easy. Especially when it's a spin off of my others series, The Mythical Knights. Because, you see, I know all the things. Like...

Trouble with Gutenberg?

Wordpress update 5.0.3 So, I hear you're having trouble with Gutenberg's latest update. (Wordpress 5.0.3) Guess what. It may not be Gutenberg at all. It may actually be another plug-in all together causing the problem. Even a plug-in that has nothing to do with your...