Magic, mystery, and a risk that will change everything. 


A Charming Fairy Tale, Book 1, Now Available
A Charming Fairy Tale, Book 1, Now Available

Out of the Tower by Candice Gilmer

Book 1 in the Charming Fairy Tales

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Nobleman Nick von Hohburg stumbles on a girl—an angel–singing high in a tower. A prisoner, trapped not only by her cruel mother, but by the long golden hair she has to braid and care for.

Her beauty astounds him, her fresh mind intrigues him.

But he also sees her prison, and he wants her free.

While Rapunzel would love to feel the grass between her toes and touch the bark of a tree, she knows she will never be able to. Her magical locks keep her trapped in the tower, regardless of how convincing her handsome new friend is.

Nick knows that he has only a small window of time to persuade Rapunzel to come down.

Yet he finds himself in an unusual position—needing to convince a woman to trust him. But certainly, Nick, a Charming Noble, could woo a peasant girl without any trouble.

But will he lose his heart to this lovely angel in the tower along the way?

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Discovery ID Meets Bridget Jones!

Fanatasy Girl by Candice Gilmer Fantasy Girl by Candice Gilmer,
A Barrum, KS Stand Alone Novel

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His fantasies will kill her.

By day, Lynn Broadmore leads a boring life as a mild-mannered bookkeeper, enduring one blind date after another. But by night, she’s “Hush,” webmistress extraordinaire, writing naughty stories for her adoring legion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction minions.

Now that there’s a new guy working in the next cubicle, though, real life is getting interesting. All Jack has to do is smile, and her insides turn to goo. To her complete surprise, she might even stand a chance against the office bimbo.

Undercover FBI agent Jack Edwards is on the hunt for a serial killer who trolls the Internet for victims. The trail has led to Lynn’s virtual doorstep, and he’s ready to do whatever is necessary to bring the killer down—including using two secret identities to gain her trust.

Things get complicated, however, as the goofy fan fiction writer gets under his skin and starts staining his brain—and his heart.

Distractions are something he can’t afford right now…not if he’s going to keep her from getting hurt in what she thinks is a safe, on-line hideaway. Because between the pixels lurks a murderer.

And he’s chosen Hush, his fantasy girl, as his next target.

This title has been reprinted and revised from its’ original version.

Warning, this title contains the following: Cringe-worthy graphic violence and spit-out-your-coffee humor that any woman can relate to.

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