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The Newest Book

Book 3 in the Charming Fairy Tales!

Can Kiki save Bryan? Will he let her?

Need Some Christmas?

Will Erica the Scrooge let Andy show her what Christmas really means? 

Werewolves, Vampires, and Monsters, Oh My!

This werewolf wants her. She’s not interested. 

Mythical Knights, Book 1

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Secret New Book Project

While I consider it bad luck to share the names of my upcoming projects–for some reason I never finish them when I do–I can certainly let you know that I’m working on future books! 

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Sunday Musings

While my glass of tea never looks so appealing, I do enjoy a cup every now and again. Sunday is my work day.  I know, that sort of goes against all the rules and stories and things when it comes to Sundays. But for me, it's just how things worked out. I tend to get a...

A Time To say Thank You

Appreciation It surprises me every year, when I start realizing how many friends I have around me, people who care about me, and for, in my opinion, no particular reason at all.  I don't say that to be weird, or mean. I just don't see myself as someone who is...

Thankful For Readers Giveaway

The Thankful For Readers Giveaway, 2018 So I'm participating in a giveaway, and there's just a few days left to enter! It's super easy! Just follow the participating authors on Book Bub, and you're in, baby! Click here to enter And you could win this wonderful list of...

I can’t decide!

I have recently gotten new headshots taken, and I was so happy with the results, I'm now facing a conundrum I didn't expect--I can't decide which one I should use! So I would love your input on them!  It's always hardest when you're trying to decide for yourself--I...