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The Reluctant Prince

Yes! It’s finally here!

Hadrian’s life is about to change.

Whether he wants it to or not.

Ending the Curse


Book 3 in The Charming Fairy Tales

Will the shyest of the Charming Nobles be able to save himself from the curse on his person, and the budding love he should never have?

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The Guys and Godmothers Series!

Guys who get Fairy Godmothers?

Surely that can’t end well!

These Fairy Godmothers think that boys will be easier. 

They figure out really quickly, boys aren’t easier, just different.

Will they be able to get the boys to their Happily Ever After?

Or are the doomed to fail, because, well, boys are stubborn. 

Or will Cupid ruin everything, just because he’s an asshole? 

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The entire Mythical Knights Series is ready for you to lose yourself in 🙂

The Immortal Knights Templar protect the world from the monsters that go bump in the night.

And the night is full of bumps… 

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