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The cyborgs are coming. 

Torn apart by war, the Rhimodians must find peace with the Terran Empire. 

However, someone doesn’t want peace. 

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This werewolf wants her. She’s not interested.

Mythical Knights, Book 1

Vampires Don't Babysit

Book 1 in the Vampire Mythicals

They survived. That should have been enough. It wasn’t.

Can't Remember Dick

I had a car wreck, right? And now I’m just living my life. Then this guy Richard shows up. And he knows me. Like, well, KNOWS me.

Too bad I can’t remember dick

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Well, my, my my

Joe Kenda opens up about crime, books, and how telling his stories saved him.  I was privileged to interview Homicide Hunter star, Lt. Joe Kenda this past week about being a detective and stardom and how Homicide Hunter and American Detective changed him, and...

Welcome 2021!

I'm happy to be in a new year. I don't know about you, but 2020 was pretty exhausting. Pandemics are typically outside of most people's imagination. And let me say, this was not on my list for "things to do in 2020." As a hairdresser, this pandemic made a lot of...

A Delay in the Time of COVID-19

Vampires Don't Date The Boss, releasing Sept 10th While I never like to do this, sometimes, I have to. The last few months have been difficult for me to maintain my usual level of creativity and writing, while also maintaining my design business (Flirtation Designs)...

Dipping into Kindle Unlimited

I've been thinking about this. There's been a lot going on, even though I've been home from my day, the last 2 months. And while it's had it's ups and downs for certain, for the most part it has been fairly decent. There were days I wanted to strangle my kids. I'm...

I am working on a whole new sci-fi romance series, as well as a couple of other specialty projects.

However, I'm horribly superstitious and I can't reveal more details about them, or I'll never get done! 


Sci-fi Romance 5


New Sci-Fi Romance Series Book 1


Elemental Mythicals 2

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