Dear Amazon,

Stop fucking with hard-working ARC reviewers.

(For those of you who don’t know, an ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy of a book, submitted to the reviewer for possible review).

Do you have any idea how hard these readers work, reviewing new released books for authors?

Oh but it’s just reading.

No. Not really. No.

First off, yes, they do get to read a free book. That’s the easy part. Then they write a competent review of the book – whether it be good or bad.

And it’s usually not just a “Oh, I read this book. It was great.” They provide very detailed account of the book, mentioning not only things they loved, but even any failings the book may have had.

Many times they get these books before they release to the public. So they have to plan, and schedule when to post the reviews on the various vendor sites, like Amazon (and in some cases, all it’s many languages) Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, iBooks, Goodreads, and wherever else.

They also usually post to review sites (where they work for literally no income, just the books), set up online promotions of said reviews, and even make graphics for the books they reviewed and post the reviews to tons of other places online so as many people as possible see the reviews.

And they do this FOR EVERY BOOK THEY READ. These people read at the least a hundred books a year. Probably more like 300. Which means, they’re doing this for 300 releases a year.

They work this hard BECAUSE THEY LOVE READING. They don’t get paid for this.

And you’re screwing with their work?


First, Amazon, you tell them they can’t post reviews unless they disclose it’s an ARC copy, and where it’s received from (like a site like Net Galley or directly from the author), or you’ll delete their reviews.

Then you tell them that they have a personal relationship with the author because they are connected to said author through Facebook or some other means—therefore they must be friends, and their reviews aren’t valid anymore.

(Which you’re still doing, and that’s a bunch of bullshit—but another rant)

And then you tell them “Your review has to say ARC copy given by the author in exchange for a review” SO THEY DO THAT.

NOW, you’re going to delete all their reviews, because of the clause “IN EXCHANGE FOR” That YOU ALL WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE????


That’s so fucked up.

Come on AMAZON!

I get it, you’re trying to filter out the paid-for reviews, I do understand what you’re doing. But retroactively deleting reviews?


In my case, I’m not a big selling author. I don’t get a lot of reviews. Not only are you hurting these ARC Reviewers who work so hard, you’re burying people like me, who have very few reviews anyway, and now if you wind up deleting a bunch of ARC reviewers postings, then you’re killing a lot of my reviews, and I’m guessing a lot of hard-working authors books too.

There has got to be a way to work this out.

Don’t destroy all these readers hard work!


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