While I never like to do this, sometimes, I have to.

The last few months have been difficult for me to maintain my usual level of creativity and writing, while also maintaining my design business (Flirtation Designs) and working.

Let’s face it.

Whether I wanted to think it had or not, the global pandemic, COVID-19 has been taxing on me. Heck, most of 2020 has been overly taxing on me.

I am the type of person who is, well, shall we say, stubborn, and I just keep going. I don’t let myself stop. I just keep trying to hold everything together.

Probably not the best plan in this pandemic. Not when the world around me was changing and re-writing itself and I’m just trying to maintain.

You see, I’m hairdresser by trade as well. So I write books, design book covers, and cut hair. Because of COVID, I was shut down at my salon for a while. And I’m still trying to get re-oriented in the salon, back to my usual grind, but it’s not easy–in my state, the salons are open, but they change the rules almost weekly of how we are supposed to maintain our clients.

And clients.

Because of the situation, there’s a great deal of political discussion. About everything.

Which is the biggest in-salon no-no you can do. I’m seeing sides to my clients, and my coworkers, that I have never seen before. Odd little lines get drawn in the sand around people, and frankly, it stresses me out.

Which is enough of a problem.

I learned about a month ago, that I have anxiety attacks. It’s probably coupled with the depression I’ve been trying to tiptoe around for the last few months. Even before COVID, I was feeling kind of down. Not suicidal, not that kind of depression. Just down. It seems to be worse. My doctor has me on anti-depressants and a mild anxiety med to combat things.

Because I’m me, and I have to be weird, when I have anxiety attacks, my blood pressure spikes, and I feel weird.

So yeah, it’s been a lot the last few months.

In the event of all of this, I have had to push my latest release, Vampires Don’t Date The Boss, back 30 days.

I’m not super happy about it, but I had to do what I had to do, in order to get it finished on time and ready. My editor is waiting anxiously for me to get the manuscript to her, and I’m typing as fast as I can to get the story–which, I happen to have a moderate plot/outline for, thank goodness–done in a timely manner.

It will be releasing.

Just not until September 10th, 2020.

As far as I know, no one lost their pre-orders, if you’ve already purchased it.

If you haven’t, here’s the links.

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