Six Feet of Separation

A special promotion I’m doing with a bunch of other authors is called Six Feet of Separation.

Entangled, Harlequin, Hybrid, and Indie Authors Band Together for #SixFeetofSeparation A Social Distancing Romance Read-A-Thon for April.

The romance reading community has always stood together in good times and bad. Romance authors are smart, tech-savvy, sophisticated, and socially conscious. With movie and television productions shuttering their doors, concert venues canceled, movie theaters closed, and Broadway dimming their lights amid coronavirus concerns, there is one place to turn for entertainment and a temporary escape: books!

Everyone is looking for books to binge-read and bargains to fill their e-readers. While pandemic or outbreak thrillers might be what some readers want right now, romance authors have a different idea. #SixFeetofSeparation ‘A Social Distancing Romance Read-A-Thon’ has a little something for everyone. This binge-worthy collaboration features everything from billionaires to bad boys or ‘The Single Dad Next Door.’ There are púca shapeshifting hunks with Irish swagger, romantic suspense with steamy, hot lies, and sports romance that’s really been ‘Hitting It’ with readers, all for 99 cents or free.

We asked romance author Regina Kyle why she volunteered for this community effort, and she shared: “I lost one of my oldest and dearest friends to Covid-19.” Romance authors have a big heart, and the romance community has always supported readers and each other during difficult times. Romance author A.C. James also owns and operates Rescue Me Author Services said, “We’re all responsible for practicing social distancing. So I wanted to bring readers and authors together, give them a distraction. Everyone wants to stay informed about the virus, but it’s easy to get caught in a loop and forget about self-care. A big part of taking care of yourself is taking time for you, and whether that’s curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book or some other hobby, we need to remember to limit our exposure to the constant stream of media. Books and social distancing games that we’re playing with readers on social media gives everyone a break and positivity.”

We’re all adjusting to the new reality of being socially distant. However, now is the perfect time to indulge in a book with #SixFeetofSeparation:

As part of this amazing deal with all these incredible offers, there’s also a special giveaway, including an Amazon gift card and a quarantine T-shirt.

Which looks like a hoot of fun, by the way. Goodness knows, in the middle of all this chaos, it’s wonderful to know there’s books we can lose ourselves in.

For other deals for the month

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Why do the deals matter to me?

Because I totally get being broke and being sad because everything looks horrible. And let me say, right now, out there, it looks pretty miserable. I don’t know about you, but I miss my girlfriends and I miss going to the coffee shop or the library or any sort of public space to hang out, watch the world, maybe write a little. Before all this started, I had breakfast with friends every Saturday morning.

I didn’t always go, because, holy moly, we started early. 7am! But I’d go when I could–I had to be at my salon at 9am anyway, so I’d go, have breakfast, visit with friends about all the things we had going on, who was doing what, etc. And we’d do some writing. Usually little 15 minute sprints.

I miss that.

I miss a lot of things like that.

Instead, about all I have to escape is to read, so I’ve been doing that. Sporadically, anyway. My kids are home from school, and figuring out their at-home lessons has not been horrible, but I will say, communicating with my daughter is way different than my son. So a little light reading is very much what I need.

And very much why I do the sales and things–because you KNOW I’ll be shopping them, and picking up what I can. So I hope they bring you the joy that they bring me, especially right now, when all we have is to enjoy some books.

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