As you can see, it’s back to work here, at the Gilmer Palace. (giggle snort). Anyway, while  I was working on the second book in this series, I was worried about the balance of scenes between the Hero, the Heroine, and the, er, eh, um, Fairy Godmother.

I didn’t want to throw in too many points of view, yet at the same time, I wanted to keep it about the same as the first book.

So I did what any normal person would do. I made a chart.

I tend to be a visual person many times, and while i can look at numbers, sometimes, I need it better represented. So today, I made myself a chart.

I’m not fancy enough to make a pie chart in Excel or something normal like that, so I just found a chartmaker online, and got what I was looking for there.

It’s not like I needed this for anything other than my own personal use. I just wanted to see, visually, the number of scenes in each of the main character’s points of view, so I have a sort of “running formula” for the rest of the books.

And to my great surprise, I had a good balance, I thought, equal parts Hero/Heroine, and a good chunk the Fairy Godmother. I didn’t want to dominate the story with the Godmother, because it is a romance, and it’s about the H/H and the HEA.

Anyway, I thought it came out cute, and that I was on the right path, even though I was a little concerned I’d done too much with one and not enough with the other, so I was very excited to see it was an equal balance, almost exactly, between the Hero and Heroine.

(Yep, it was just another thing for me to stress about, lol. I’m good at that.)

But I’m glad to see that my subconscious mind knows the importance of balance.

Though, you know I’ll be doing this for every book and see if they all are relatively evenly spread.

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