Guys and Godmothers

The Complete Trilogy


In their own boxed set, the Guys and Godmothers trilogy is now available.

Guys with Fairy Godmothers? What? That sounds crazy! Well, it kind of is.

These three Fairy Godmothers decide for a challenge, they’ll take on men, but they think that men will be easier. The joke’s on them, because they quickly learn that men aren’t easier, just different!

Book 1: The Magic Under His Nose

Roark’s best friend Stephanie has always had his back, but when Cupid’s cherub minions start shooting arrows, it’s up to his Fairy Godmother, Christy, to make sure that everything works out. And find Roark’s Happily Ever After, before she runs away.

Book 2: Magic Right Before His Eyes

Bruce loves a mystery, and a challenge. Good thing Greta’s the biggest challenge he’s ever met—who doesn’t post selfies online? Obviously Greta. Well, Bruce is going to find out who’s behind that computer,  with the help of his Fairy Godmother Lilly. As long as Cupid and his cherubs stay away.

Book 3: Magic That’s Just His Taste

When Jason sees the incredible redhead walking around the wedding, he’s cautiously intrigued. After all, he’s there with an almost date. But when she keeps popping up, he knows something is up. But he didn’t expect that it’s his Fairy Godmother, Ava, trying to find him his personal Happily Ever After. Ava, however is picky, and she isn’t happy with the file’s choices for Jason.


Reviews:Kristin on Bitten By Books wrote:

"[The Magic] Under His Nose is a light, fun, easy read. All of the characters are incredibly likable and the romance is sweet, tempered by just enough reality to make it believable...Under His Nose has a distinct voice-there is a wonderful sense of humor running throughout what is a sweet, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable romance."

Henry B on Library Journal wrote:

"This sexually charged novel by Gilmer (Mission of Christmas) makes a strong point about appearances versus the underlying substance in human relationships... Highly recommended."

V. Walker on RT Reviews wrote:

4 Stars! "The plot twists and turns were so compelling that I couldn't put the book down."

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