The Cyborg and the Fraluma

An Episodic Slow Burn

Book Cover: The Cyborg and the Fraluma
Part of the The Episodic Stories Collection series:

A Kindle Vella Book

Episodic Sci-fi Slow Burn/Slow Build Romance

It was supposed to be a quick flight, delivering the cargo across the galaxy.
Nothing's ever easy.
When Zia discovers that she has to fly in the black for six months, she thinks she'll lose her mind.
Especially when the dreams of the Framula. The most deadly assassins in the Galactic Alliance.
Then she gets attacked.
When she wakes, she finds a Framula on her ship, it only gets crazier from there.
Will she be able to tame this assassin, or is she in more trouble than she can imagine?
Publisher: Flirtation Publishing
Imprint: Kindle Vella
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Testly on It's Me. I'm the reviewer wrote:

Placeholding love for this story.

This book is being released in episodic format.

Currently, new episodes will release every Tuesday and Thursday until the story is finished.

It may or may not be in print, but if it is, it will not happen until the book is finished in episodic format.

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