The Princess’s Cyborg

A Cyborg Sci-Fi Romance

The Terran Empire is at war with The Rhimodian cyborgs. The Terrans believe the cyborgs have stolen a system of planets from them. At least, that’s how it started.

It degenerated into hatred and fear.

★Galactic Storm Book 5★

Princess Caoimhe has more determination than an Imperial Princess should have.  It will get her killed.

Heading straight into the Terran Empire's enemy, the Rhimodian Cyborgs in the name of peace? The danger in the stars is far more wicked than anything she'd find in the palace, right?

Maybe not.

Because nothing in the Imperial Palace is what it seems. And no one tells the truth about their agenda. Caught between what is right and what is commanded, Caoimhe must make decisions that no princess--no leader--should ever have to make to save her people.

Including risk everything against a devious opponent who will stop at nothing to win.

Even kill.

Bahran is a Tarnished Rhimodian. Because he made choices that went against his people and Master System, he has lost his shine. Fortunate that Harbin's unit accepted him. All but Kian,  the only other -An cyborg in the unit, who reminds him of his failings.

Not that Bahran needs any reminders.

When the Ambassadors arrive, Bahran is in the perfect location in the escort to witness exactly what happens to the transport. The true attackers, however, do not want him to live to share the information.

When Harbin gives the orders to protect the escape pods, Bahran finds himself in the difficult spot of protecting himself and his data, and protecting the Terran pod. When he realizes that the pod's occupant was intimately entwined with his data, he shuttles them both to the nearest Rhimodian moon, to get the Ambassador to the peace negotiations, come what may.

It may even get him back his shine.

If this mouthy Terran Princess doesn't make him crazy. One sight of her, and his Craving burns like nothing he's ever known.

And Caoimhe? She's not sure what to think of her rescuer. He's awfully careful.

And this is no time to be careful.

She knows.

She's been careful all her life.

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