Winter Chills ⋆ Candice Gilmer, Author of Fantastic Romance

Winter Chills

Celestial Springs Salon Book 3

Book Cover: Winter Chills
Part of the Celestial Springs Salon series:

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Winter Duncan has to have control. Someone around Celestial Springs Salon has keep things together or it’ll turn into one of those trashy, gossip salons, and her mother’s vision will be lost.

Her life is that salon.


Because there’s nothing else left for her — divorced after twenty years of marriage, kids grown and gone, and a husband who really likes to show off his new trophy wife — all Winter has is the salon and her family.

But they don’t keep her warm at night. Truthfully, though, she hasn’t been warm at night for a long time, even before the divorce.

Then she meets this guy who turns her on like she’s never known. But is he man enough to show her how to chill out every once in a while?



Screaming erupted from the back of the salon. It silenced everything in the shop, including the blow dryers.

I did not need this today.

My head was already pounding from drinking far too much wine last night.

I pivoted to the rear of the shop, my brain exploding in curses that I would never dare let leave my lips on the salon floor.

What? What could this possibly be? And who am I going to punch for screaming like that, because, seriously, this was a business.

Shenanigans and vendettas were left at home or outside. I explain this in every salon meeting, though it had a lot to do with my sister’s personal shenanigans last summer.

I could still feel wax on the floor in the wax room whenever I went in there after Summer got into a fight with her high school nemesis. She swears it’s cleaned up, but I don’t think so.

It may never get cleaned up.


Another scream echoed as I walked into the break room. I forced myself mentally back to my calm place and took in the scene.

And it looked like something out of a bad cartoon.

Audra, Summer, and one of the nail technicians, Grace, stood on the table.

“What in the hell are you–”

And then I saw it.


Giant rat. In the corner. With huge eyes.

“Close the door, don’t let it get out!” Audra said.

It hissed. Grace squealed again.

Oh. Hell. No.

I glanced at Summer. “Get a trash can. Trap it.”

“I’m not picking that thing up!” Summer squealed.

“Turn the can upside down and cover it.” While I didn’t like it, I knew what needed to be done. “I’ll be back. And quit screaming. There are customers out there!”

“Sorry, Winter,” Grace said.

I waved my hand toward the door. “Just go, take care of your customers, Grace. I’m sure any time Miss Leola will be arriving.”

She nodded and darted out of the room.

“And don’t tell anyone!” I called after her.

I heard trash being rustled as I walked out, and I hoped Summer and Audra were getting a trash can on top of it so it didn’t run away. I pulled the door tight, just to be sure.

Part of me wanted to lock them in there, but the lock was on the inside of the break room.

Just because of the screaming.

My hands shook as I stepped out back door, thankful for Summer’s stupid awning outside that at least kept the already fallen snow off the back door. I walked down the alley that ran along the back of Celestial Springs Salon, and all the other shops in the strip mall. The cold should have bothered me. The snow should have bothered me.

The snow on my designer shoes should have really bothered me.

It didn’t. I was too hyped up on anger at a goddamn rodent getting in my salon.

Because, seriously.

What the ever-loving-hell?

I didn’t have to go far.

I hammered on the door to the shop next to us.

“Be in there,” I muttered. “You had better be in there.”

The door was yanked open by the proprietor. Not that I wanted to deal with him right now. Or ever. He just…


I glared at him. “Shaun, did you release some damn rat back here?”

He raised his eyebrow. “Well aren’t you a bowl full of pleasantness.”

“There’s a rat. In my beauty shop, Shaun.”

“They’re sneaky little suckers.” He was far too amused at this.

“You’d better come get it out. I’m pretty sure it’s here because of you.”

“You think?”

“You release rats and bugs and crawly things all the time back here!” I stammered, shivering, and not from the cold air.

“You seem pretty sure it’s my fault.”

“Get over there and catch the damn thing and get it out of my beauty shop. Now.”




Coming in 2017

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