This summer has been already an adventure of time-management proportions.

Not only are my kiddos home, and have things going on (My daughter especially has a very busy schedule this summer), but I’m trying to do something I’ve not ever done before.

I’m trying to get six (you read that right–6) books finished this year. So I’m attempting to write like a fiend, in between “Mommy!” screams all day long. Not to mention, my day job, where I am a hairdresser, and I also sell Avon, so all of that would keep anyone hopping.

When not trying to get a huge number of books written in a single year.

Why did I make such a lofty goal for myself? Well, partially, because I didn’t think it was that lofty when I figured it out. (I have to admit, one book was 3/4 finished in January, and I just had to pull it together, and another book was finished, just needing re-written. So yes, I’m counting those two, but still…) And the other reason? I want to FINALLY get ahead of the publishing curve.

I have joined up with Holly over at Samhain Publishing, and the more I work with her, the more I adore her. And so far, she seems to think I’m brilliant–which is a great start for any editor/author relationship. But she also knows when to tell me I’m doing it wrong/taking something too far. (Because I totally do that.)

For the first time in my publishing career, I’m thinking about writing and publishing beyond just the current story I’m writing. I’m looking at the bigger picture, seeing the market spreading out before me. And planning my schedule accordingly.

I know, I’ve talked about scheduling your writing time, and doing the math to figure out how long it should take you to write a book here. But this is a little different. It goes beyond the actual finishing of the book, but looking at the release time. Where it will be published. When it will be published. What kind of promotional window is available. If it’s a series, how can I do promotion for all the books. Marketing.

All of it.

Granted, I’m talking about working with a single editor at a single house. It doesn’t mean I won’t release projects with another publisher, but for now, building up my backlist seems to be a major priority, if I want any of my new stuff to do well. (I currently have pulled the Moonlight and Shadows series, for a big revamping, and do plan on re-releasing them later, but it’ll be next year before I will know more about how that’s happening…)

That’s where I’m at right now…

And cue the crying child.

Back to life!

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