Sometimes, you gotta update things.

The Updated Charming Fairy Tales Covers

So I’ll get down to it.

I updated these books for the simple fact that, originally, they didn’t look like fairy tale books.

They looked like historical romances.

And while they are set in the area we now know as Germany, and many of the names are from German origin, they’re technically in the “White Mountains.” But in a historical setting.

I felt like I needed to move away from that.

Make them more accurate of what they were–fairy tales, not historical romance. While I took a lot from history–certain fashion cues (Especially in Slipping Away) and historical division of classes, they aren’t necessarily historical. I’m sure an avid historical reader would probably find historical clothing errors.

I had to do a lot of research on clothing. I figured these books were set, basically, in 1750-ish. I also learned that what was high fashion in England in 1750’s took almost fifty years to reach the area of Germany. So while in England, the shapes were starting to soften a bit, in Germany, they were still in powdered wigs!

The one on the left is English fashion in 1750, and the one on the right is German. And I love that she has a puppy in her painting.

Left pic credit:

Right pic credit:

So yeah, I may not be quite perfect, but the fairy tales weren’t ever supposed to be historically accurate. They were always more about the fantasy than anything.

I wanted to tell my versions of fairy tales, and I knew, just after doing all the research, I could never do authentic historical romance–too many details I would have to know.

I’ve always loved historical romance, but I’m not a historical romance writer. Kudos to those who do! That’s a lot of work.

Anyway, that’s the latest today.

Have a great day! I’m off to write more words, because MORE STORIES COME!

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