As Christmas day comes to a close, after presents are opened and we all are a wash in our presents and savoring a day of relaxation, I find myself thinking about my year.

And what a tough year it has been.

The US Election has been filled with anger, hostility, frustration and shock, regardless of your political affiliations. If anything, it has proved the power of social media at spreading stories, both true and not.

Every fight on social media made me cringe and avoid the wash of anger.

The world has also lost so many amazing, talented artists this year as well… David Bowie, Prince, and now George Michael.  Actors of iconic status, like  Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman, and Zsa Zsa Gabor. Even a legendary hero, John Glenn passed away.

Each loss a pain in my heart.

For me personally it has certainly had its challenges as well. Writing has been tumultuous this year, and while I have started a new business making cover art for other romance authors, like any starting business, it is rocky.

The last year and a half I put myself on a release schedule far more intense than I have ever had before and much more involved.

Indy publishing will do that, I suppose. Personally I love the control of Indy publishing. But there is a level of, well I don’t know what else to call it but responsibility. 

Over this coming year, I really do think I am going to simplify my life, get caught up on a few things, and get back to what is important.

Specifically, I need to get back to enjoying writing. Something I have not done in the last year because of pressures I gave myself. I pushed myself harder than I ever have before. 

And I cannot do that again. My stress level was through the roof the last year. So this coming year I am going to be easier on myself. 

Hopefully, after the rough year we all have had, 2017 will be bigger, better and stronger. 

And happier. 

Think we all deserve it. 



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