Yep, that’s right, it’s Fairy Tale Trivia here at the blog.

Do you think you know your fairy tales?

Well, I don’t profess to know everything about fairy tales, but I certainly have worked up a nice list of questions that revolve around the whole fairy tale theme.

And not just the Disney fairy tale genre, though I have taken a few from Disney, but I went all over television and movies, as well as the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

But, I bet you’re wondering why I would do this? After all, what do you get out of it?

Prizes of course!

In honor of my new book Rescuing Rapunzel, I have two prize packs available for winners:

1. A beautiful necklace and earring set. (Green stones are very important between Rapunzel and Nick in Rescuing Rapunzel)

2. A lavender pedicure set  (Because Rapunzel loves to go barefoot…)

All I ask is that you do not post your answers in the comments, instead email them to me, along with your preference for which prize you would like. Here’s my email:  candice.gilmer (at) (remove spaces of course) by midnight, EST, Monday, May 14th, 2012.

Now, onto the trivia:

1.                  In Rescuing Rapunzel, what does Rapunzel find sticking out of her window sill? (Hint—Check

2.                  What actress plays Snow White in ABC’s Once Upon a Time?

3.                  What is the 3rd Disney fairy tale released? (This movie was started after Snow White, but took so long to draw, it wound up being released 3rd instead of second, due to the time it took to draw the movie’s unique style.)

4.                  Who did the voice for Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled?

5.                  In Rescuing Rapunzel, when Nick says to Penn “Have you never spoken to yourself when alone?” What does Penn say in reply? (Hint, Check My Author Page on Facebook)

6.                  In what year was Beauty and the Beastnominated for an Oscar for Best Picture?

7.                  What are the titles of the 2 Snow White-based movies coming out this year? (One is already out, the other comes out soon)

8.                  “Part of Your World” is from what Disney movie?

9.                  What was the name of the television series that starred Linda Hamilton in the late 1980’s? (Hint—it is a fairy tale name)

10.       In the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales, how many balls did Cinderella sneak off to attend after her stepmother said no? (Hint — Check out Wikipedia)  

Winners will be selected at random from all the correct answers 

Good luck, and remember email your answers and prize preference to me at : 
candice.gilmer (at) (no spaces)
no later than 
Midnight EST on Monday, May 14th

Thanks for playing!

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