I know I need happy endings. Don’t you?

Don’t tell me “that’s not real life.” Because it is real life.

Happy endings are really just the start of the story. It’s the boy and the girl getting together. The rest of their lives are before them. Will they fight? Will they have kids? Will they have troubles?

 Of course they will. Every couple does. But it doesn’t break them, and I think that’s what a happy ending is all about.

Getting there, at the end, knowing that they are together, and that no matter what they come up against, they still love each other, and they will still make it through.

That’s what the happily ever after means to me. The good guys win, the bad guys lose, the couple figures it out, and makes it together, and I know, if I ran across them again later, they’d still be happy and together. Or in some cases, cursing the broken dishwasher, but still together.

Still happy.

And that is a real thing. We see it all the time. They’re called happily married people. My parents have been married almost 40 years. My husband’s? About the same. Granted, some people we know, maybe their first marriage didn’t “take” for whatever reason, but they did find their happily ever after.

Even when you’re living your own HEA, you have troubles. Things happen–identity theft, robbery, furnace blows up, water heater floods the basement, car wreck, injury. It all happens. But you don’t run away, you stay, and you figure it out together.

That’s a HEA.

That’s what I want everyone who’s ever read one of my romances to walk away with–knowing that the hero and heroine will make it, even through tough times.

Because it’s not just about what you do to get together. It’s what you do to stay together.

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