I wrote all the books. 

Seriously, you all don’t know how good I feel about this.

This year has been very hard, for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one, is because I decided to release 9 books this year.


I think I was either drunk or manic when I decided this. (I only say that because a sober me–or a non-manic me–would not do that to myself.)

So I thank you for following me on this journey. It’s been an adventure.

I really did sit down with the desire to write some sci-fi romance this year. Well, technically, I started writing it last year. At Nano, in fact, I wrote The Temptress’s Cyborg for my Nano book last year. It went fast, and it was just what I wanted to do. Sexy. Space. Really Hot Aliens. And something that I knew readers would eat up. I had a designer do her thing and make me great covers for the series (and she hit it all out of the ballpark). 

And I decided to write about my cyborgs. 

I wasn’t sure how it would go. It was literally a new genre for me, and I didn’t know if you all would jump at it. Especially when you all loved Can’t Remember Dick so much. 

That’s a whole other thing–that book was a special one, because I wrote it a very long time ago, but it couldn’t come out until I set up the world. 


Too complicated.

I’m a master at overcomplicating stories. 

(And trust me, you all ain’t seen anything yet…) 

Anyway, I wrote these little Galactic Storm books, hoping that you all would like them. 

Oh, did you.

I was shocked at how much. I guess I hit all the right beats with each one. 🙂 So I jumped in to also write the Intergalactic Dating Agency books when that opportunity presented itself to me. 

And I’m so glad that I did. 

I learned a lot. 

And I hope that if I go back next year that I will learn from my mistakes and be even better at it. 

But I remember a good friend, Michelle Pillow telling me once, “We work really hard this year to make money next year.” 

I think I finally get what she meant about that. Because as fast as you write, you also have to plan things out too. 

And as much as I try to be organized and plan, I’m not the best at it. 

So I’m working on that. 

But next year, kids. 

It’s going to be a ride. 

I hope you’re ready. I have more coming. 

More Aria.

More Space.

More stuff. 🙂 

See you later!


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