What is Kindle Vella? And should I be concerned?

Well the answer to that is a basic “maybe.” 

Kindle Vella is a new service that Amazon is rolling out. Like Wattpad’s paid selections, or on sites (with apps) like Radish, you purchase the story an episode at a time, with tokens. 

So you don’t get the full story immediately, especially if the story is not fully posted. You can only buy it a chapter at a time.

Now, before you get excited, as many people do about this format, there’s something you need to know.

First off, Vella gives new subscribers 200 tokens to start off, just to try it out. So you’re not out anything initially. You can only read it (currently) on the Kindle for iOS app and on Amazon.com. (I like to believe they’re going to be rolling it out to android and the Fire tablets soon as well, but they’re just not quite there yet. 

Here’s the official introduction on Amazon’s website:

As a reader, it gives you a way to interact with every chapter/episode as you read, which I know is a lot of fun for readers. I’ve certainly enjoyed it. 

Introducing Kindle Vella

Kindle Vella brings you stories released one short episode at a time, available in the Kindle for iOS app and on Amazon.com.

Things to look out for if you’re new here:

Follow the stories you like to keep up with the latest from your favorite characters.

When you like an episode, give it a Thumbs Up to let the author and other readers know you liked it.

The first few episodes of every story are always free–after that, purchase Tokens and redeem them to unlock episodes. Tokens may only be used to unlock Kindle Vella story episodes in the Kindle for iOS app and on Amazon.com.

When you unlock episodes, you will receive one Fave a week that you can award to the story you’re enjoying most that week. We’ll feature Top Faved stories so other readers can find them too.


From Kindle Vella’s website

While it’s still in it’s “soft open” stage, Kindle Vella could be a great new way to read stories. 

Personally? I am putting some stories in it that I was, shall we say, afraid to publish, because I thought they were not what they should be. I am also considering putting some short stories and companion stories to some of my other series, like extra “bonus content” for readers to enjoy. 

Like I’ve always wanted to do a short piece about Chase’s brother Caleb and Deanna, and their living arrangement. (If you know, you know. Check out Dark Within for this tidbit.) There’s also a couple of Eve Harrison stories that have been brewing in my brain since writing the Vampire Mythicals series. Her long life, she’s seen some shit, you know? So tie-ins to the series that I’ve already written are very likely in Kindle Vella as well as some new, original stuff, like I have now.

The Cyborg and the Fraluma

Episodic Sci-fi Slow Burn/Slow Build Romance

It was supposed to be a quick flight, delivering the cargo across the galaxy.

Nothing’s ever easy.

When Zia discovers that she has to fly in the black for six months, she thinks she’ll lose her mind.

Especially when the dreams of the Framula. The most deadly assassins in the Galactic Alliance.

Then she gets attacked.

When she wakes, she finds a Framula on her ship, it only gets crazier from there.Will she be able to tame this assassin, or is she in more trouble than she can imagine?

The Slave and the Merc

On Trinity Omega Prime, life is hard, when you’re a Less, you have little choices to survive.

Being a concubine at Orain Moon had no advantages, not for anyone.

Especially Charlie.

Between the sex work and the regular beatings from her owner, Logan, there’s little she can do.

So she watches out for the other concubines, and tries to keep them all safe.

Regardless of what it costs her.

Then she meets Kohlman. And everything changes. 

**Warning: Forced sexual encounters and rape**

I hope you have the opportunity to check out Kindle Vella and see if it is for you.

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