Out of the Tower in Print and Ebook, by Candice Gilmer

Here’s an excerpt from Out of the Tower, an intriguing little scene with Nick, Penn, and Bryan, the three Charming Nobles. 

Get to know these charming men, book one is OUT OF THE TOWER, now available. 


Bryan ran an appraising eye over Nick. “What’s bothering you, my friend?”

Nick hated how his friends saw through him so easily.

He had been out of sorts. For days.

He had tried ignoring it. Even denying it.

Yet he could no longer do either, nor could he keep lying to himself about why.

It was the music, the sweet song from the tower, and the angel who sang it.

For the past two days, he had forced himself to remain at the castle. Yet every part of him wanted to ride out.

Now, this minute, to go find the tower again.

Bryan ran his fingers through his hair. “What is her name?”

Nick blinked, attempting to deny Bryan’s observation. “Who?”

“The girl who has you so tied up in knots.”

“If she is in yonder window, she has probably lost all interest in you now.” Penn grinned in the devilishly charming way that wooed more women than any other noble in the province.

Nick punched Penn in the shoulder, and Penn laughed.

“Has your mother finally forced you to commit to one of the ladies?” Bryan asked.

Everyone in Hohburg Province knew the three of them fought the marriage-noose. Penn preferred all women to a single one. Bryan refused to enter into a loveless marriage–he had lived most his life with parents who acted like acquaintances. Nick had a mother who was determined to see him married before he reached twenty-five.

He had six months to find his own bride or his mother would choose for him.

Regardless of the previous commitment made by Nick’s father.

Neither option Nick particularly wanted. Yet he had little choice in the matter–do as his father, the duke insists, and honor his commitments, or do as his mother wishes, and marry a girl she approved of. Both paths left him stuck, denying his own personal desires or choices.

Yet, as the first born of a duke, what choice did he have?

“No,” Nick replied, shivering at the thought. He was loathe to marry any of the local nobility. Too many of them were after him due to his rank. After all, a duke was a rare prize indeed.

He glanced at the windows above. The gaggle of girls watched and whispered. If he dared break away from his friends, he would be besieged in moments. He would rather face an army. Women were much more dangerous than anything he would find on a battlefield.

Bryan tipped his head to the side. “You have been riding a lot lately. Do you have someone waiting for you?”

“No, no, I have just been avoiding them.” He gestured to the girls.

“The least of them has to be more entertaining than the Black Forest,” Penn said, wiping his brow. “I know where I would rather spend my evenings.”

“Everyone knows where you would rather spend your evenings,” Bryan countered.

Penn grinned. “Perhaps that is why our dear friend has tucked his latest conquest away. Afraid of a little competition, Nick?” Penn waggled his eyebrows.

“I am not meeting any female,” Nick replied. Yet he could not help thinking about the tower. When Penn looked at him, he turned away, unable to meet his eye.

Bryan smirked. “Then it is a woman.”

“No.” Sighing, he relented. “It was just a voice.”


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