So I can keep track of everything I need to do.

I realized while talking to my little boy this morning (he’s not that little, evidently he can use Google pretty darn well, unless there’s major spelling involved, then he comes and asks me how to spell things like “where”) that I have a lot of stuff to do beyond writing.

I really have gotten several project off the table this month, and I have more to do, I know that, but I’m at this finite point between “I have my shit together and I know what I’m doing” and “Oh hell, what am I doing?”

Seriously thinking about making a spreadsheet with a list of stuff to check off for every project to make sure I get everything done and sent in ON TIME.

Like right now, I have the following:

1. Paranormal short off at edits for an Anthology
2. Paranormal short being written to be sent to editor at the end of the month
3. Contemporary being plotted
4. Paranormal at editor, waiting for return to do final clean up on the book
5. Same Paranormal — set up Google Doc for Review sign ups for ARC reviews

Not to mention, waiting for cover art from 2 different vendors for 3 different projects, and wanting to contact a vendor for yet another project.

Yeah. I’m pretty sure I need a checklist/spreadsheet something for each project.

I’m sure there are time management software somewhere that would help me. Not sure what to use though.

A clone would be so helpful too.

But that would be unleashing two of me on the world. I already have my daughter. Isn’t that enough?

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