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It is that time of year again! October is here, along with the coming of Halloween, and everything pumpkin flavored.

It’s the time when I put out my Halloween decorations, wishing I had more wall space to put out more stuff.

My dream home will have a store room with the big 50-gallon bins, one for each holiday. Rather, one for each holiday, except Christmas and Halloween. Those will have at least two a piece.

And I cannot wait to move and buy more decorations on clearance for next year… Not moving yet, but it would be great to move in the next few months. Yes, I’m that screwy, I want to move so I can get more decorations for the holiday seasons and put them out.

I know that sounds weird, but there’s something very special to me about having out seasonal decorations every holiday. Even if I don’t do a “big thing” on each one… Like St. Patrick’s Day. Sure, I wear green, if I think of it, but to have a few little things, like a shamrock, or even a table cloth with green shamrocks on it, a couple of fun little seasonal knick knacks, then, I don’t know, I’m celebrating the occasion.

I won’t be making a big crock pot of cabbage and ham or anything (really, no one here would eat it, and I’m not that good of a cook), but to do a little something for every holiday…

My mom helps my need to decorate, she always makes me seasonal quilted pieces.

Here’s just two of my Halloween favorites. There are more. Several, as a matter of fact. Including some for almost every holiday… Well, I think I’m missing Easter and Valentine’s Day. But I’ve put in a request. 🙂 (The Christmas collection? Huge. Massive. And I know there’s more coming this year too–YEAH!)
We even have a little light-up ghost the kids named “Mr. Ghosty” that sits out on the entry table. (Man, that sounds fancy. My entry table is a bookshelf with a table runner over the top.)
One day, I’ll really be able to decorate full-tilt and really get some cool stuff. I’m hoping, since it’s probably not happening this year, next year will be all out amazing. 🙂 
What about you? Do you have any favorite Halloween decorations or traditions? 

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