The Reluctant Prince Ebook


Published: July 31, 2018
Publisher: Flirtation Publishing
Cover Artists: Flirtation Designs
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Romantic Comedy

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This prince must decide. Duty or his heart?

Hadrian Drake needs a vacation. As a celebrity chef on The Pasta Prince, he’s television royalty. Or so everyone said. Only a few, like his overbearing assistant, knows the truth, that he really is royalty—a prince from the island of Koros.

And sometimes, even a prince has to get away to Vegas for the weekend. Have some fun. He’s looking for a poker table, not a girl with blue hair.

But holy hell, she’s mesmerizing.

Sydney Martinson has to get the hell out of Barrum—especially when her ex will not leave her alone. A trip to Vegas, for a trade show that her work paid for is perfect. Though even in Vegas, she feels eyes on her.

But she bumps into the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen.

Hadrian awakens parts of her that she thought had died after the divorce. Suddenly the trade show isn’t that important, but Hadrian is. Even if he’s a tv celebrity, she feels so good around him. In all the ways.

Then Hadrian’s assistant tracks him down with dreadful news. One cousin is dead, another is missing.

Hadrian is now the Crown Prince of Koros—the last job in the world he wanted.

Worse, he and Sydney are next in line on a killer’s list.


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