Today is the day!  Mission of Christmas is now available from AmazonBarnes and Noble, or the Samhain website!

Thank you to everyone who’s come along and read all these family stories I’ve shared as the countdown to Mission of Christmas.
the release of

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Today’s final story centers around the writing of this book.

I was with a publisher that was looking for some short stories to be submitted for a Christmas anthology. They had a word limit–five thousand words. I figured, what the heck, I could do that.

I had a problem.

It was around July 4th. Not a piece of snow, nor anything close to holiday cheer anywhere.

What was a writer to do?

I was complaining to my husband that I had no inspiration to write this story, and he had an idea.

What about Christmas music? He had an iTunes gift card, and he’d be happy to find me some music and load it on my mp3 player for me.

I thought that was incredibly sweet. Especially when I realized how involved the process was–after all, neither of us had iPods. So he had to buy the music, burn it onto a CD, then rip it back onto the harddrive, and from there, load it to the mp3 player. (Which is completely a pain, and I believe that’s still how you have to do it, if you don’t have an iPod… Not cool, Apple.)

The process wound up taking a very long time, for one, because our computer at the time was older and slow. It seemed to take about an hour and a half. I think I might have told him not to bother, since it was so much trouble to get it working.

But he shooed me away and did it anyway. And presented me with Christmas music to listen to while I wrote what now is Mission of Christmas.

The initial draft took about a week to write, and wound up being over three times the word limit for the anthology. So needless to say, it didn’t make it in the anthology. I instead shopped it around, and the first edition released through Lyrical Press.

I have since revamped the book, and it’s now being released through Samhain Publishing, longer than the first edition, with a little more back story about Erica and Andy, as well as a few more scenes.

If you missed it the first time around, here’s your chance to pick up Mission of Christmas, and bring a little Christmas cheer into your life. If you did catch it the first time, there’s more in this re-release

Thanks for spending the last twelve days with me and my Christmas stories! Be sure to comment to be entered to win a copy of Mission of Christmas!

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