Yep, I’m going to be part of a new anthology coming this October– Taming the Monster. 

This is an amazing collection with an incredible set of paranormal writers.

This anthology came out of a silly conversation, and when the goddesses Mandy Roth (Immortal Ops Series) and Michelle Pillow (Dragon Lords series) thought this could be something really fun for the fall, and I had to jump on it.

I mean, after all, monsters need love too!

And I have this whole island of Avalon, where all the mythicals live.

Besides, I always did think that Fairy-In-Distress Unit member Reese Appleton (first featured in Saving Her Destiny) needed his own story.

So I found one for him. And now, that story, Guarding Her Secret, is a part of the Taming the Monster anthology, coming in October.

It’s a very fun story…

Cover look coming soon 🙂

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