thanksgiving-600 Every year, as do most families on Thanksgiving, we get together with our family and celebrate with togetherness and laughter, telling stories and generally enjoying one another’s company. There’s always the standard controversies–how much is too much sage for the stuffing, did he/she really say that, and the drawing of the names for Christmas.

It’s really just a time for everyone to come together, and enjoy each other for us. The boys (most of them) watch football, and nap. The women go over all the sales catalogs in the paper, and discuss, well, things. 

And like many families, we tend to get out the Christmas decor after and start putting it up. 

While I will always enjoy decorating, it was starting to get to be a bit of a chore for me.

Until this year.

We got a new Christmas Tree. 

And we have already named the tree “D Tree.” Because it was tree “D” in Hobby Lobby’s storeroom, and even the box says “D Tree.” 

This is a big deal for me for more than one reason. 

The biggest one being that this is the first tree I’ve bought for my family. 


Let me explain.

I’ve always had a Christmas tree. But the one we’ve used for 15 years was a hand-me-down tree. I had a coworker who had bought a bigger, nicer tree, and I happened to mention that I needed one, so she gave me hers. I can’t remember if I paid her anything for it–if I did, it was a very small amount. 

This year, my husband and I decided that it was time we bought a new tree, just for our family. 

So I’m extra excited to put up that tree today. The plan is after we have Thanksgiving Dinner, AKA Lunch, we’ll put it up. Hubs is excited to see it, because he’s only seen pictures. I’m excited, because it’s a really cute tree. Nice and thick and full, with no more bare spots in it. The one I had was so bare, you could see through it, even after I wrapped row after row of pine garland around it. 

This year is going to be a special Thanksgiving for us.

Because I’m cooking a turkey at home. 

And we have a new Christmas tree.

Yep. It’s a good day. 

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