Yep, I’m going to be doing a lot more writing in the next few months than I usually hit on my schedule.

I have a lot of projects coming up this year, small things.

Oh, did I hit my 6 books written in 2013? Nope. I got close. 4 3/4ths written. Unfortunately, I got stuck on two different projects near the end of the year.

That, coupled with the fact that we bought a new house, and moved, well, pretty much anything I managed to do between December 1st and January 31st I considered bonus work, since I’m so scatterbrained and trying to do far too much at once.

So this year? My goals are a little different.

I have 5 projects I’m trying to fluff and puff and get back out there. (Yes, they will be reprints, but they are all getting serious overhauls, moving them into much stronger stories. If you really want to know, check out my Unavailable Books page for a hint.)

So I don’t think I’m going to write more than 2 “NEW” projects this year. Do I know what they will be? Nope, not quite yet,

Have several prospects on the table. Most of these I have extensive notes (world building, character work-ups, etc) about, and about all I’m missing on each is an actual synopsis/outline (Opportunity to play with note cards again! Whoo hoo!) to guide me through.

1. Scifi romance
1a. Sequel to Scifi romance
2. Contemporary romance.
3. Historical Fairy Tale romance. (Hmmm, wonder what this might be connected to? Tee hee hee)
4. Possible Paranormal Romance.

We shall see which ones I get done. Muhahaha!

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