So it’s that time again.

Time to load your Kindle with books to keep you warm… 

I’m gonna start with mine, of course. 

Darker Cravings is releasing on January 19th, if you haven’t ordered your copy of this hot, sexy M/F/M paranormal romance, grab it now!


She wanted it hot. But is two too hot to handle?
Mythical Knights, Book 2
When Nicole Bernard realizes her life is so boring, her only excitement is reading spicy romance novels, she resolves to make a change. A huge one—as in pulling up stakes to move across country to Boston, hoping life will go from humdrum to humming in no time.
She’s not even done packing when she gets her first dose of “interesting”. A friend drags her out to a club, where she enjoys a sexy sammich dance with two men who make her blood pump harder than the music.
James Henrick and Joseph Oliver have been looking for someone to complete their vampire trinity bond, and their first taste of Nicole convinces them she’s the one. Though they mean to take their sweet time seducing her, things flare quickly out of control.
One moment, Nicole is asking herself why she has to choose between two tasty morsels like James and Joseph. The next, she’s on a one-way trip to immortality—and she doesn’t even remember buying a ticket.

Now, here’s more awesome books by some friends of mine who have new and free books available:

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New Releases:

Go grab yourself some books! 
They’ll keep you warm this cold winter 🙂 

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