This last week has been quite a challenge for me.

I have two kids, a 4 year old and a 10 year old. Last Friday, the 4 y/o started showing signs of not feeling good. Of course, it kicked in Friday evening, and while we treated his symptoms all weekend, he wasn’t any better by Monday, running a slight fever, and generally not feeling well.

So, like any Mom, I took him to the doctor, and they put him on antibiotics. Fine. As the week went by , he started feeling better, acting more like his usual  4 year old self. He went to school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

But of course, by Wednesday, whatever he had, I seemed to come down with, because my head started feeling horrible, and I wanted to take an ice pick and stuff it in my sinuses to pop the pressure. Gah, if that’s how my boy felt, no wonder he felt so bad.

Anyway, so my three days that should have been nice and productive and relaxing in the morning wound up being filled with tissues and snot and hand sanitizers.

Not to mention doing some ordering for Avon, since I sell that, as well as ordering that special present that I’m planning for Christmas, among the other thousand tasks that every Mom has to do each week.

No rest for the Mommy, any way.

And guess what? My husband started having a lot of the other symptoms as well. So both of us were becoming major snot factories.

So I get antibiotics for me, and I think, yeah, okay, I’ll be feeling better soon.

The boy finished his antibiotics on Friday, and was feeling pretty good.

I’m thinking, we’re out of the woods now.

Oh, no.

4 y/o wakes up in the middle of the night Friday night, puking his guts out. Threw up three times over night. Then again in the morning, and again tonight.

I’ve sent my 10 year old to spend the night with my mother, keeping her away so hopefully she doesn’t get what the rest of us have. So far, so good. Because she’s gone, I’m sleeping in the boy’s room, to make sure he’s okay. And naturally, my stomach is starting to get all woozy as well, so I wonder if I’m going to be sick tonight.

And the worst of it? I haven’t been able to get any decent writing done in the last week, so stressed, I haven’t been able to think, worrying about all the stuff I have going on, not to mention figuring out the last of the Christmas details that I need to get taken care of. I would write maybe a paragraph, and I’d be off, doing something else. Or edit a page, then I’d completely lose all my concentration because there’s so much going on around me.

Hopefully this week will be better. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, anyway.

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