Or so Candace Havens (link to her workshops for more information) claims. 🙂

I am testing this concept this week.

You see, I was at Ozark Romance Authors yearly conference this past weekend — ORACon, and Candace (wow is that hard to type her name, because I keep trying to spell it like mine… ONE LETTER DIFFERENCE… AAAAHHHH!!!) was one of the speakers, and she talked at length about this idea — writing 20 pages a day.

Just writing them.

No editing. No rewriting, but 20 fresh pages. You don’t have to write in order, if your head is seeing Chapter 12, and you’re only on Chapter 5, that’s fine, go write Chapter 12. She explained that when she did her thesis in college, there’s actual science that backs up that sometimes the brain needs to know the ending before it can bring a creative process through the middle.

I found that part particularly interesting, because I’m a very anal, chronological writer. So  I can’t say I’m going to do that as I work on this over this week, but if I get an idea, I won’t just throw it in the back of my head until I need it, I’ll actually write it out and work toward it.

She also talked about the idea of turning off all distractions, so while I won’t turn off my cell phone (I need to be reached because I have kids in school) I will be putting my phone in the other room so I’m not tempted to grab it every five minutes and check email/notification/social media.

I am also seriously considering turning off the internet, so I don’t try to check stuff with my laptop.

I have tried this before, but just turning off the computer’s wifi, not the whole house, and when I have, it’s still really easy to turn it back on. I figure if I shut it all off, then it takes longer to get it reestablished, and hopefully, whatever randomly stalling tactic I may have been trying to engage in would be gone.

Now, I must clarify, this isn’t a final draft technique, this is a first draft technique. This is getting the words down–Revision Hell comes later. One of my personal stalling tactics is going back and reediting what I already wrote, all in the name of “remembering” where I was.

So I am hoping this will let me get past all the stalling and get the words down, so I can get caught up, because OMG I am so behind right now.

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